and in meantime

and have

Make the most of it

Let us hope that 2017 will bring peace, and that those responsible for Crimes against humanity will be brought to justice and be severely punished.

to the Shalders-senior Web site

The result of perfect Nationality integration

Derek              and            Lidy

Married Haarlem Town Hall 17th December 1963


but long since, Derek is


a snuggly pair  

                        as we were recently

When we were younger


Derek with 4 Grandchildren Friday 24 Oct 2014

Pannekoek House - Bloemendaal

The reasons for many visits to the Hemeltje (little Heaven) * ae a cosy atmosphere, excellent dining and price, with splendid and outstanding service as evidenced by our favourite, jovial and friendly Employee

and later with Richard Daan and Luke

A well deserved holiday for Briggs and family spoilt in the beginning. Arrived destination 1130 Sunday 20 Aug 2017 and received luggage Wednesday 23 Aug at 1541

with all jumping for joy and relief   

See Family tree for further photos as well as in photo galleries, and with myself having finished, will now enjoy a well earned coffee, or beer :

as this computer business makes my

head fuzzyand then i'll get on myand go for a ride to clear my head and get some much needed fresh air!!!!!!!

Walk now over and I feel so happy

                                  before the problems return !!!!!!!

Hoping the lottery will make me wealthy

Now still trying to understand computers

during which I reminisce about my Bullet train journey Tokyo to Hiroshima with my Wife Lidy as Guests of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Happy Coats and Geishas as well as The Blue Train in South Africa and Maid of the Mist at Niagra Falls

The Tax Man is spoiling my life. Tax on income, savings, BTW, death duties etc, while one collects,

those in authority are left wondering what other laws can be enacted to increase revenue and then give up. Sad to see those in authority give up overworked and tired.

Birth to IT. Alreay concentrating and studying to  be a Consultant

In view Windows XP crash am preparing extra items so pages under revision and

which will take some time

with help and excellent assistance of and my Canary with his incessant whistleing except when he is moulting








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