Family Tree

Firstly us - the roots - Derek and Lidy

as we started

as we progressed


As we were in NZ 1998

and in the Hotel Beach Bar in the Cook Islands

Lidy did not

Lidy's 76th Birthday 12th October 2013

Lidy with Sisters on 76th Birthday 12th October 2013


As we were in process of being dwarfed by our 2 eldest Grandchildren, June 2013 Jamie 14 years and Julie 10 years

as we were recently

Unfortunately Lidy passed away on 20th March 2014, and I am now left always thinking about our splendid times together during our 50 years of marriage

Anyway, death is nothing at all as Lidy has only slipped away into the next room. Lidy is Lidy and I am Derek. Whatever we meant to each other that we still are

We are therefore still


a snuggly pair supported by our

Offspring & Partners photo gifts at party to celebrate 150 combined years

of Derek & Lidy above ground on Planet Earth

3rd November 2007

from left to right : Renata, Robert, Daan, Jamie, Nicky, Astrid

Hugo, Richard, Luuk ,Flemming & Brigitta

together with a photo of all 6 Grandchildren

from left to right : Luuk,Daan,Julie,Flemming,Jamie & Hugo

compared with photo gift at 40th Wedding Anniversary

then to celebrate my 90 years above ground on planet earth

but first a pre lunch drink by a cosy fireplace

followed by a pre lunch photo of all 19 of us including the 6 Grandchildren

At last a fantastic lunch enjoyed by all after checking the menue

looks very good

Daan and Luke as my escorts to dinner at the Hemeltje

Family pre Christmas dinner in the Hemeltje 15.12.2017

Robert on way 9 May 2018 to launch refurbished boat for the summer

and then safely in the water

for Christmas 2018 Patience for Grandchildren

Tough as he had to change travel plans to return to collect presents for Christmas 2019

More Pictures are shown in the following picture galleries, so put on your

and view, bearing in mind we started with 3 from the nest

and have grown as follows

Robert & Family

Comprising Robert, Renata, Jamie & Julie

Nicky & Family

Comprising Nicky, Astrid, Flemming & Hugo

Brigitta & Family

Comprising Brigitta, Richard, Daan & Luuk

Will have to get a bigger car for all the Grandchildren


and try to teach tidyness

                       and I wonder which wig will be chosen for me as

I get older ?????0??  so in an endeavour to postpone the ultimate

I AM THINKING about taking up excercise as follows  followed by a beerbut in my younger days now difficult to bend

and all best wishes from Opa

but keep healthy with my winter jab, perfectly administered


my Doctors Assistants were prettier - tempted to go back for a second jab!!!!!!!!

   Bianca                                                       Mary     

and my Internist [ not his photo ) seems thoughtfull when he sees the results of my periodic tests. But so far OK.

but like the cat can't get motivated



Thanks for looking

eating his dinner in my garden

Fantastic view of my white roses in my garden June 2018