Happy retirement over more than 33 years

and now 91 years old

Before E-Mails and WhatsApp communication was by post and phone and for the former

the PTT prepared personalized postage stamps and ours were as follows

If one is lucky age will increase without increased prescription requirements



Hi, if you want to contact me, use Skype, where we can always see, and chat to each other

I can assure you it's great

E-Mails with attachments are always welcome to address : or WhatsApp. Facebook and Twitter are not used

                  i'm always working

As an old operator, will be slow in response :

Now a Computor bookworm!!!

after calling the help deskdownloading


thereby giving an excuse for a replacement

and old age responses to contacts take longer, more especially now the weather is constantly changing from raining cats and dogs!!!

  to sunny and warmer or colder, and I am long since retired as a Financial Director and a Member of the International Fiscal Association

so after excercise ( in my dreams) with followed by a restI am still above ground on planet earth

PS. Am kept busy answering my cellphone

and E-Mails, as well as busy with items to do each day.Reflect on my worldwide travels,on business, and extra with Lidy, look through various DVD records, and ensure the Brewery is working well, but before that

they look so cutely at you and then dig up your garden and destroy your plants and bulbs. I hate them

and then enjoy my beer after putting the brewery on notice, but unfortunately I cannot find a willing female to assist with my delivery

In Lagos, Nigeria, beer was purchased in crates of 48 bottles from the Star Brewery owned by Heineken. My Steward employed a Small Girl of 13 to assist in the daily cooking, shopping, and cleaning.Wish I had one here!!!!

Quite a learning curve to control aggravation

but am pleased to say I have now got over my teething troubles. When I was Younger Beer was restricted to Elders, but surprisingly babies will always find a way

Heineken have great publicity in trying to attract future clients early

for viewing the following old fashioned method of delivering beer, but too slow and frothy

but now fantastic and quicker with greater volume reminding me of the engagement party of Lidy and me in 1963 when we had a firkin (barrel) of beer with sausage and mash with our police friends and Lodge Members and my Mother at 20 Willow Close Bexley in Kent.

uncivilised and rude. Delivery better


until I get motivated and started in 2018. English sense of humour




Thanks for looking